Save channel list for LG TV 22MA53D-PZ

Officially LG doesn’t support transferring channel lists via USB on its consumer models because this is supposedly reserved for their premium “Hotel” models. But despite official denial there are hidden menus in all consumer models which give you access to the required import/export functions.

22MA53D-PZ Models

  • Choose any TV channel (it might not work if other input is selected)
  • Press and hold MENU/SETTINGS button on the remote control until TV’s menu appears, disappears and channel info appears.
  • Quickly release MENU/SETTINGS button, enter 1105 and press OK.


In the installation menu, you can change the following parameters:

  • LG Hotel mode setup (setting restrictions for hotels)
  • USB Cloning or TV Link-Loader for other model (load/save configuration (TLL file) from/to USB drive)
  • Password Change (reset forgotten parental PIN)

Models with number MA53xxx write 2 files on the stick. Only the file named xxMA53D-PZPxxxx.TTL is relevant, the GlobalClone.TLL should be ignored. ChanSort provides partial support to edit the xxMA53D-PZPxxxx.TTL files.


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