Multimeter Review: UNI-T UT61E

Multimeter Review: Part 1 – UNI-T UT61E

This is part 1 of the UT61E review:

Basic Functions Range Best Accuracy
DC Voltage 220mV/2.2V22V220V/1000V (0.1%+2)
AC Voltage 220mV/2.2V/22V/220V/750V (0.8%+10)
AC Current 220mA/2200mA/22mA/220mA/2.2A/10A (0.8%+10)
DC Current 220mA/2200mA/22mA/220mA/2.2A/10A (0.5%+10)
Resistance 220W/2.2KW/22kW/220kW/2.2MW/22MW/220MW (0.5%+10)
Capacitance 22nF/220nF/2.2mF/22mF/220mF/2.2mF/22mF/2­20mF (3.0%+5)
Frequency 10Hz-220MHz (0.01%+5)
Frequency Response 0 45Hz~10kHz
Duty Cycle 0.1%~99.9%
Special Functions: Peak and Hold value

Data logging

    One of the major features of all Uni-T UT61 multimeters is its data logging capability. With data logging you are able to automatically record measurements from your multimeter to a computer. The provided software is somewhat basic, but it is simple to use.

    Connection is made by the provided custom RS232C cable. Connection with the multimeter is optical, so it is isolated and safe. If your computer doesn’t have an RS232 serial port (many don’t) you can use an serial to USB adapter. The interface software, driver and PDF manual come in the CD-ROM, but can also be downloaded from the official Uni-T UT61E page. Current version is 4.0.1.

Other tests and thoughts

    The UT61E also passed the continuity test. It has a reasonably quick response when you short the test leads, but be sure the tips are making a good contact. Measurements are reasonably quick too. Only high value capacitors take more time to get a stable reading, but this is expected and is mentioned in the manual. According to the ES51922 specs, it can make two measurements every second and I think that’s about right.

    The selector switch is not top quality. It’s not too loose or to hard to turn, but it’s not very precise. I don’t think this is a problem tough.

    Data logging works without problems, but I would prefer the multimeter came with a USB cable instead of RS232. Most computers don’t even have the RS232 serial interface anymore! But again this is not a big issue because you can use an RS232 to USB adapter.

    If you are one of those people that never reads the product manual this is not an issue for you. But you should read the manual and, although it is fairly extensive, it’s unnecessarily confusing. It is confusing because Uni-T supplies the same manual for all versions of the UT61 multimeter. So, some things apply to one model but not others and you have to pay attention.


    I find the Uni-T UT61E is an excellent budget digital multimeter. I have the UT61E for some time now and it has not disappointed me yet. With its 22000 counts large and clear display, True RMS, PC connectivity and improved input protection, the UT61E has to be one of the best multimeters you can buy for under 50 USD.



  1. domnu’ Fane, în cazul în care mai aveţ’ UT-ul, şi aveţ’ chef de joacă cu ‘mnealui, recomand călduros vizitarea linkului de mai jos: https://blog.ja-ke.tech/multimeter/2018/03/09/UT61E-ble.html
    vă salutez întru libertatea electronilor de rezistenţe! 😀

    PS omul a avut şi bunăvoinţa să scrie o aplicaţie moca pentru treaba asta, e disponibilă pe gogu plei.
    de fapt, aşa am găsit-o: căutând aplicaţii de tipul ăsta! 😀
    da, proiecte personale… amănunte suplimentare pe mail, hangouts, facebook, sau altceva! 😀

    • Salut,
      Pe FB intru extrem de rar, chiar mai rar ca pe blog. Hangouts-ul de la goangle e retard deoarece nu primesc notificarile.

  2. Foarte util review-ul! Nu stiu daca dintre toate multimetrele digitale, acesta e cel mai precis. Stiu ca aparatele de masura de la Fluke sunt cele mai performante si precise, dar sunt putin mai scumpe.
    Oricum, multumim de review!

    • Draga Ronexprim, in primul rand tin sa mentionez, daca nu este evident, review-ul nu este facut de mine. Desi detin un UT61E nu ma pricep la genul acesta de prezentari.
      Chiar si cel mai ieftin multimetru Fluke (portabil) este mult mai scump ca Uni-T UT61E si nu neaparat mai precis, sigur Fluke low cost fiind inferior la rezolutia ADC-ului. Multimetrele Fluke sunt renumite in mediul profesional pentru fiabilitatea si stabilitatea in timp, sunt convins ca aceste aspecte va sunt cunoscute. Pentru masuratori de precizie, acolo unde este nevoie (nu in camp), exista multimetrele de banc iar pentru amatori multimetrele chinezesti (desi nici Fluke nu mai fabrica doar in SUA).

      Sper ca la urmatoarea reclama mascata sa-mi acordati si un discount la produsele Rigol (nu Tektronix, Agilent, Hameg, Lecroy …), avand deja doua osciloscoape comandate de la dvs.

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