ESR-metru cu PIC 16F877 ESR-3.0LED

ESR-metru cu PIC 16F877 ESR-3.0LED

ESR-metru cu PIC 16F877 ESR-3.0LED este un aparat de masura util depanatorilor, dar si incepatorilor in “arta” depanarii, este un ESR-metru. Un aparat ce masoara Rezistenta Serie Echivalenta a unui condensator electrolitic.
Cablajul finalizat:

Rezistor 9.90 ohmi (calibrare):

Condensator Daewoo 100uF 160V 105’C – recuperat

Condensator Daewoo 100uF 160V 105’C – recuperat

Fisier HEX pentru ESR-metru cu PIC 16F877 ESR-3.0a Afisaj CA

An ESR meter is a two-terminal electronic measuring instrument designed and used primarily to measure the equivalent series resistance (ESR) of real capacitors—the ESR of an ideal capacitor is zero—usually without the need to disconnect the capacitor from the circuit it is connected to. Most ESR meters work by applying voltage pulses to the capacitor under test which are too short to appreciably charge it; any voltage appearing across the capacitor is due to ohmic drop across the ESR. An alternating voltage at a frequency at which the capacitor’s reactance is negligible, in a voltage divider configuration, can also be used.

Other types of meter, including normal capacitance meters, cannot be used to measure capacitor ESR, although a few meters are available which measure both ESR and out-of-circuit capacitance. A normal (DC) milliohmmeter cannot be used to measure ESR, as a steady direct current cannot be passed through the capacitor.

An ESR meter can always be used to measure low non-inductive resistances whether or not associated with a capacitor; this leads to a number of additional applications described below.



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